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breaking news from downtown baltimore. in spite of several hundred law enforcement officers at the fireworks show this evening, there has been violence. a child was shot and another person was stabbed to carry the details on both of these developments has been coming in. what can you tell us about both of these incidents? >> moments after a rather peaceful fireworks show, complete chaos erupts. two incidents to tell you about your the first of all the shooting of what we believe is a three-year old girl just as thousands of people were walking away from the fireworks show. you understand that the three or four-year-old girl was shot in the groin area. she has been taken to the hospital, no word so far on how she is doing or how it went down. detectives are searching for ballistic evidence. we believe a three-or 4-year-old
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girl has been shot. the other incident police say was a standing outside a of the restaurant on the other side of the harbor, not the grow right by the employer theater. police say a man was stabbed in the neck. his injuries are considered critical. apparently it started as a fight between two groups and ended with the man being stacked in the next. police are right now trying to gather as much information as they can on both of these incidents happening moments apart from each other right after the fireworks show. we do believe detectives are on the scene. we hope to get a sound bite for you and more information as the broadcast continues. >> thank you so much, george. earlier this evening, the
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baltimore police commissioner clarified the incidence of an earlier shooting. it was not random, but the result of a long-running argument. we are told the dispute was so bad that the victim actually moved and had not seen the suspect until running into each other this morning. the gunman shot him twice with a semi-automatic. >> it gets back to where our priorities are. i say over and over again, it really is these maniacs with guns. we are going to work and keep working hard to get more and more people off of the street. >> the victim is expected to survive his injuries. he is sure that an arrest is on the way. tonight, baltimore county are investigating a stabbing. an elderly -- an elderly man was that around 7: auspice 45 tonight. police believe it was the result of a domestic dispute.
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the search continues tonight for the gunmen who shot and killed a man outside of the rosedale nightclub. george william bryant was shot multiple times a saturday outside of club of baltimore. the shooting may have stemmed from an argument. >> i know the places i go to. i always have my eyes wide open and look over my shoulder when i go into a new place like this. i would not judge this place by one incident at all. everyplace deserved a fair break. >> an officer that was injured trying to secure the scene was treated and released. police have identified the victim of a drowned 6-year-old child person --. more from sandy point state park. >> locals motion for them in the
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water to move back into the area were a lifeguard is keeping watch. signs indicate were to swim. police say a 6-year-old boy drowned while in an unguarded location. witnesses say the boy was holding his sister's hand. they became separated, and he went undercover >> all that i saw was a very big crowd of people. we were all thinking, what happened. >> they went quickly into action to find the missing child. >> they were asking for volunteers to step out there and grab each other's hands. they were trying to kick under water as well as look above water to see if they could find anybody. it is pretty intense to see everybody come together and try to help out. >> he was found in about 4 feet of water record >> somebody yelled out that they had found him. >> everybody rushed down to that
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point, in the direction of the lake house. they put him in the back of one of their trucks and brought into the paramedics. >> he park has been packed with people during the holiday weekend. paramedics mechanically to parents -- watch your children. >> we have had approximately 13 drownings and our county alone. this takes into account pulled drownings and open water products. >> i just want to say to all of those children out there -- please, be careful. i do not want anybody heard. >> he was rushed to the medical center where he was pronounced dead. >> rescue crews disabled resume their search in the morning -- rescue crews will resume their search in the morning.
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we are told his friends who was also thrown was rescued, but cane could not be found. >> the larger plane carries nine scientific instruments that measure air quality. nasa officials say if you see the low flying aircraft, there is no cause for concern. tomorrow's flight takes place over the baltimore corridor. despite the violence that is your's fireworks show, for most people it was about the celebration. 11 news reporter filed this report. >> at approximately 9:30 p.m., an american tradition continued. to what the day, thousands came out to say happy to hundred 35
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perpetuity united states of america. and to see an explosive show. >> what is it about the fireworks that you enjoy so much? >> the big loud noises and stuff. people are so excited to see it. it is just fun to watch. >> the way the maker heart thud when they explode. the colors and the like are just phenomenal. i promise my kids since they were little that i would bring them to baltimore. for the past years we have been lighting them in the yard, and it has not cut it. >> the shells shot off in the harbor. it was a pretty backdrop to a holiday that means so much to so many people. >> there are a lot of people who are not here who gave their life. we are here today because of them carried you can see all of the different people here from all over the world here celebrating this day of
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independence. it is incredible. >> that is worth celebrating. >> it was a very good fourth of july for 236 service members who received a homecoming at the airport today. troops from all branches of the military were greeted by a family, friends, and others. they have welcomed nearly 25,000 service members from all over the country this year since march of 2007, operation welcome home has greeted more than 100,000 service members. >> and the outgoing commander of the u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan spent its fourth of july with troops there on his last independence day celebration in a uniform. general petraeus spoke at reenlistment ceremonies. soldiers talked about how they
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felt protecting their country this independence day. >> you feel the honor, especially when you have a general like general petraeus. it makes it feel a lot more important to me. >> petraeus also said today that the focus of troops will move from caliban strongholds to the border of pakistan. unintended consequences, tonight to new research shows that a diet soda may have the opposite defect. >> to say that there is no evidence to connect casey anthony to kaylee's death ignores all of the evidence. >> tonight you will hear prosecutors last pitch to send
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and save on shell fuel. earn one point for every dollar you spend. every 100 points earned gets you another 10 cents off per gallon. the more you spend, the more you save. i'm saving money at the store, i'm saving money at the pump, and that works for me. more savings every time you shop, only with your giant card. >> we want to bring you more breaking news from the harbor. >> we just got some new information from police about the two incidents following the baltimore city fireworks show at the harbor. first, we have been told that the child is a four-year old boy. he was walking with his dad. the father heard his son crying and holding his five or groin area. it turns out he was shot in that area.
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right now he is in stable condition being treated at the pediatric hospital. the other incident involves a man who was stabbed in the neck on the other side of the harbor from the fireworks show. a 30-year-old man has died. that is the latest here at wbal tv news. >> chantax is a popular anti- smoking drive. now a new study led by a johns hopkins research group links the drug to an increased risk of heart problems. >> if there is one thing the medical community typically agrees on, if you smoke, you are highly likely to develop a in illness. so many smokers try to quit, many turning to a drug achantax to decrease the risks. that is where doctors began to
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disagree. >> it is the worst drug on the u.s. market. >> i do not believe it is a dangerous drug. >> out of 14 studies, smokers had a 72% increased chance of serious heart problems led a heart attack. >> that is where we found substantial increases. >> a significant finding, but -- >> if you just look at the 72% increase number, you will miss the larger number. >> just over 1% of people on chantax. other people put these into perspective pure >> it does not mean that there is nothing there. what ever risk seems to be there is very small. >> in a statement they said, they are working with the fda to review and monitor data for chantax. the agree to put a heart
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morning on the label. what the numbers are hazy, one thing is clear -- smokers can improve their health if they kick the habit. >> and they may have you to know calories, but it may not be helping your diet. the university of texas researchers followed nearly 500 adults for 10 years. diet soda at drinkers as a whole had a 70% greater waist circumference compared to people who do not drink any soda. the greater increase was between two or more so does a day. -- sodas a day. >> jurors have retired to for the night without reaching a verdict. they dismissed the sequestered jury around 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> after almost six hours, the jury finished the first day of
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deliberation with no decision. it comes after six weeks. >> state's exhibit and -- >> and tears, evidence, and arguments. there is a lot for the jury to work through. >> they are going to consider second degree murder, manslaughter, third degree felony murder, and two types of first-degree murder, and they do not have to agree on which one is. and then they have to -- they have six other counts. it is complicated. what's the prosecution got the last four this morning. >> to say that there is no evidence to connect casey anthony to katie's death ignores all of this evidence. >> the rebuttal to the closing arguments from the defense focused on science and ship it to the accused. >> pathological liar. >> the state using pictures, videos, -- casey anthony's phone
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calls from jail. >> i do not know what your involvement is -- >> to describe what they thought was a cover-up from a young mother who killed her young daughter. >> what do guilty people do? they lie. they avoid. they run. they misleading. >> three times during the rebuttal, casey seemed to respond. first as ashdown spoke about her father. >> she is not this machiavellian self interested mother -- monster -- >> should be seen mouthing, yes, he is. >> she seemed to say, that is not true. then as they discussed casey blaming the dad, she mouth, it is his fault.
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her fate to be decided by the five men and seven women are locked in the liberation. >> when the jurors reached a decision, the judge says he will give a 20 minute warning before announcing the verdict. just who are these on known jurors, we will bring down the demographics of each juror along with a bit about their background. visit our web site and click on national news. >> now, your forecast with meteorologist john. >> a close brush with some rain this evening. fireworks got off just fine. this was three hours worth of radar that gave us pause for some rain this evening. it stayed out closer to the tarmac river. most of the rain fell to the west. but as white in the view of the
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radar and show you several hours' worth of rain, really heavy storms with the severe potential. it was well to the south of us. here we are in the baltimore area. everything is diminishing as a cool front allows drier air to come into the picture. what happened during the day today? even to the evening hours, the high was 89 treaty had 94 for the high. 76er the respective lows, and no measurable rain fell in the area today. at least right around the city. 80 degrees in annapolis, 80 on the boardwalk at ocean city. 76 at edgewood, fredericks 73. here you see the drier air coming in. drier air up in pennsylvania beginning to slip in. tomorrow, you will see lower humidity, if you were clouds, more sunshine. we really could use some more rain here. here is the cool front slowly
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pushing to the south. it would get to north carolina or at least some virginia. eventually it will come back as a warm front in the middle of the week. we have a one the rest from the threat of rain in the area. this high and dry air briefly comes and before some of this tropical moisture starts edging toward the south. mostly cloudy skies the rest of the night tonight. the storm will remain south and push south, are rain chances are pretty nil now except to the west. the rain chances sending overnight tonight. partly cloudy, still warm tomorrow but less humid. northwest winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. there is an warns quality alert tomorrow. here quality will be a little bothersome for those sensitive groups.
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a 1 foot shot on the open waters of the day. bake temperatures are 80 degrees. the future cast shows rain chances holding to the south of us as the front levels and to the south tomorrow. as we get into wednesday, rain chances again as warm air pushes from the south and a cold front approaches on thursday. again, we will have rain chances that day. again, we could use the green. here is our forecast for seven days. 89 on thursday. humidity goes up by wednesday. that is when we have the rain chances late in the day and on thursday. freda, there could be a lingering ring chance. saturday and sunday, temperatures stay warm and up around 90 degrees. >> thank you. one man was ready for a fireworks display with the orioles.
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>> as the orioles had into the all-star break, the tornado of good and bad. just getting a good start from the pitcher, but the show, it is reynolds. picking up where he left off, goodness gracious, and other tape measure shot the left. orioles take a 2-0 lead. and the chavez, a long ball to
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go. a little more than batting practice for him. for-to taxes. -- 4-2 texas. the rest of the orioles' offense -- despite the 103 came temperature, they cooled off somehow. 0-4 after a five hit game on sunday. josh hamilton losing his grip. adrian bell tradeable. great hops to avoid a nasty situation. reynolds, he offered his 20 error of the season. that is the bad. here's the good, 20th home run to match it. the birds fall 14-4 for the first of two in texas.
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got about halfway to first, mark said no, next pitch and the same result. orioles get the win. chipper does not say anything then, but afterwards teed off at umpire in general. he apologized today. in cleveland commentaries year returns to the lineup for the first time in three weeks. the kind of build up even jeter has not seen in the york and did nothing to help his psyche tonight. he had no kids. mark, still focused, what a glove from the kid out of st. joe's. bottom of the seventh, a.j. but
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net, he was not getting snubbed, just rocked. the indians are up 3-2. the toward the front and the american writers have not enjoyed the most friendly relations in the past few years. today, an american was celebrating -- they get very creative and celebrating the tour. stage three tour leader writing comfortably. we know he will remain his the look jersey. -- his yeollow jersey. >> we checked in on a very special event early today. the special event in athens, greece, a team from maryland representing wins the gold
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knocking off spain. what a tremendous feeling for those young men getting the gold and representing their country. please stay with us, another look at the forecast coming up after this.
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>> we got away with it really. now we have a dry day in the forecast tomorrow.
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not as human, not a bad day tomorrow. rain chances come back, and we need the rain. wednesday and thursday, tapering off friday, we do have rain chances. still warm and humid. then saturday, sunday, and monday, it all looks bright. almost all week long we will be up around 94 highs. i hope the rank pays off in the middle of the week. >> if it had rained tonight in celebration. >> that is all for 11 news tonight. we will see you back tomorrow. we leave you with the harbor fireworks show. happy fourth of july. captioned by the national captioning institute
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